The Best And Worst Brooklyn Subway Lines, According To Yelp


  • Photo via Laverrue/Entertainment Rundown

Now, I’m not one to blindly make fun of Yelp or even “Yelpers.” The reviews need to be taken with a large grain of salt, sure—when an otherwise 4.5 star place has just one long, disgruntled review, you’re probably fine—but this stuff can be legitimately helpful. But helpful in the sense that it makes it easier to narrow down your options. And one area in which all of us are notably without options? The subway.

Most of us—probably none of us—shuttle around from station to station, assessing cleanliness, street performer quality, booth attendant helpfulness, and “vibe” before deciding which train to get on. You either get on at the stop nearest to you, or you don’t. Of course, that hasn’t stopped hundreds upon hundreds of users from gathering around Yelp for a traditional airing of grievances, or baffling enthusiasm, or even benign indifference. Nothing will stop that. Here’s what they have to say.


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