Now In Park Slope: $80,000 Parking Spaces


When you play that fun, sad game of “things I would do if I made more than enough money to eat, barely pay rent, and buy an overpriced Metrocard once a month,” spending more money than most people make in a year for a parking spot usually isn’t so high up on the list, alongside, say, paying off student loans or investing in actual property. But then, you’re probably not an unfathomably wealthy person living in Park Slope (or “no Park Slope,” per the going dad joke on the issue).

No, for that person, dropping 80k on a spot in the Garage Condominium—which also requires as $240 per month “maintenance fee” and functions like a normal condo building, with a board of directors—directly down the street from the Food Co-Op probably made lots of sense. Per DNAinfo, the anonymous buyer “works in finance,” so yes, plenty of sense. And they’re part of a growing trend. Parking in the neighborhood is legitimately pretty scarce, and according to one of Garage Condo’s owner, “People come to inquire [from across the street] but we have no room. We have great demand and no supply, so the prices are going up.”

Of course they are. Of course. What better way for any person on this earth to spend their money.

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