Brooklyn’s Best Drunk Food, a Neighborhood Guide

Pizza is one of the best foods to eat when youre drunk

  • Pizza is one of the best foods to eat when you’re drunk

Does anything taste better than that first, sloppy bite of food, when you’re blissfully, unsteadily inebriated? I don’t think so. Usually that first bite is a revelation. The kind of thing that can make you groan with pleasure and know that, by eating this food, you are doing something profoundly right and good and that all will be well with the world. Or something like that. I guess what I mean is, having good hangover dining options is essential, because that kind of food is basically medicinal, and eating sober is a good time to enjoy the delicate balance of a beautifully wrought kale salad, but there is a specific kind of satisfaction that is only available to you when you eat while drunk. Plus, it’s good for you. Eating while drunk can actually help mitigate a hangover! So, yay! Health! All of the following foods were chosen not for health reasons though. They were chosen because they are satisfying and delicious and available late (or late-ish) at night. So if you find yourself drinking in any of the following Brooklyn neighborhoods, definitely treat yourself further by eating these foods.


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