This Is The Most Graffitied Building In All Of Brooklyn


  • Photo via Google Street View

Not that you’d know it to look at it. The government actually spends a lot of time and effort making sure that you don’t. But according to data from the city’s graffiti removal program, this building on 17th Ave. in Borough Park has been tagged (and cleaned up) more than any other in the entire borough, with a total of 14 incidents since 2010.

Of the 22,415 tags the city has cleaned up in Brooklyn since 2010, the Daily News reports, the three buildings that come in at a close second are a deli in Bensonhurst, along with a grocery and an apartment building in Williamsburg, each of which has been tagged and cleaned 11 times in the past three years.

All of which is arguably more notable for the intensity and vigilance of the clean-up process than it is for the graffiti itself—the city reportedly has a fleet of 22 trucks to power wash or paint over tagged buildings, and City Councilman and Public Safety Committee Chairman Peter Vallone Jr. told the Daily News, “We learned in the 1990s that you have to deal with quality-of-life issues before they get much worse.” Which does seem like a fairly classic if surprisingly diligent implementation of the broken windows theory. But if the idea here is to focus on any particularly distracting, disheartening quality of life issue, maybe rampant dog poop might be a nice place to start?

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