A Williamsburg Hasid Did A Reddit AMA, And It Was Surprisingly Chill


  • Photo via NYDN

Should you need a good, non-Buzzfeed-related way to kill your lunch hour, this is a pretty good one: Reddit user Jew_Pac, a self-described “Hasidic Jew living in Williamsburg,” participated in an AMA this weekend, and more or less hit it out of the park.

At least, if what you were hoping for were straightforward answers from a relatively liberal member of a group most of us don’t really interact with all that much (“Honestly, I don’t see any reason to leave. I’m pretty comfortable the way I am,” etc). And clarifications on the ethics of weed smoking.

In response to one user who asked about the Hasidic stance on weed (“I used to live in London’s Stamford Hill and like 80% of the Hasids there loved to burn with us! They said it was a great mitzvah,” he noted), Jew_Pac wrote, “They usually despise it because its named drugs. But once they get to learn the difference between weed vs cocaine they usually “get it” […] Call me naive but shomrim really doesn’t give a shit about your pot smoking.”

So, case closed on that one. Anyway, the whole thing is pretty entertaining and worth reading, and confirms at least one thing we already knew: the Hasidic community is actually pretty into Citi Bike.

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