Good Eggs

It’s like a mix between a CSA and Fresh Direct: Good Eggs lets users purchase on its website farm-fresh groceries—like fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, fish, red meat, tofu, bread, desserts, coffee, pasta, nuts, nut milks, salt, oils, baby food, and much, much more—from the best local farmers and producers, either for delivery or pick-up at its distribution center. Started in San Francisco two years ago, the company plans to expand into Brooklyn this summer. “Our website allows folks out of our current [delivery] range to request Good Eggs in their neighborhood,” Josh Morgenthau, a Hudson Valley apple farmer who’s leading the new project, told us. “Brooklyn is an exciting food landscape, and last year we got more requests for here than anywhere else.” Good Eggs’ philosophy is that local food is simply better, not in small part because it strengthens small businesses and local communities. “The deck is stacked against small foodmakers,” Morgenthau tells us. “They have to compete with the scale, marketing, and cheap chemical-laden food of large agribusiness and processed food giants. But we have something powerful on our side. Food that is grown and sourced locally and made with care is tastier, healthier, and better for the planet, and people are realizing that and wanting more. With the right tools and innovations to power our smaller engines, we stand a fighting chance.”

Photos by Helena Wolfenson


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