Five Types of Iconic Brooklyn Restaurants

The Chef’s Table:


A recent arrival to a bustling block in Fort Greene, and representing the best of New Brooklyn cuisine, is Prospect, which offers a seasonal, farm-to-table approach to dining in both an innovative and singular way. Whether a diner wants to take a seat at the bar for a perfectly calibrated cocktail or find a perch at the marble chef’s counter to get a front-row seat for what’s going on in the kitchen, there’s no doubt that the food on offer each night will be different than it was the night before. Executive Chef Kyle McClelland (who co-owns Prospect along with Alan Cooper and Stephen Cohen) and chef de cuisine Vinson Petrillo create a new tasting menu each evening based not only on what they come across at the farmer’s market, but by whatever happens to strike that day. McLelland explains, “We wanted to do our own food and we wanted to have fun and enjoy it. This is our life and passion.” The end result is a whimsical yet refined dining experience that includes everything from foie gras with rhubarb and strawberries to peanut butter-stuffed bacon wrapped dates. And what could be more evocative of Brooklyn’s dining scene than Prospect’s reverence for local, seasonal food, combined with a desire to constantly evolve and challenge the culinary status quo? For anyone who wants to enjoy a meal that’s high-concept while still being plate-lickingly good, a visit to Prospect will satisfy your dining needs.

Prospect, 773 Fulton Street

Photo by Nicole Franzen



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