The 7 Best Springtime Dates in Brooklyn

The ideal date? Maybe not the ideal date.

  • The ideal date? Maybe not the ideal date.

Listen, we’ll spare you any lame, uncomfortable jokes about “spring fever” or whatever, but I think everyone can agree that spring is one of the very best times of year for dating. Not just hanging out in the bed or on the couch of whoever it is you’re seeing, like actually going out into the world, making an effort, and doing something nice together. Not expensive-nice, necessarily, but something that requires clothes, and maybe a few minutes of forethought.

And there are so many of those things in Brooklyn! Come on. Most of us are still shaking off the winter crazies, the weather’s nice enough that you don’t want to end your own life (but not so nice that you’re constantly sweaty and itchy), lots of amenities are opening back up for the season. Take someone you love—or like, or maybe like, or have never actually met in person—out. On a date. In Brooklyn.