The Wealth of New York’s Mayoral Candidates, Ranked


With seven months to go and candidates already hashing and re-hashing their signature issues, how, exactly, are we supposed to keep this election race interesting? Well, one pretty good way is to force everyone hoping to be New York’s next mayor to tell us exactly how much money they make and where it comes from. That’s always pretty exciting.

Granted, it’d be more exciting if any of them were even close to being as mega-rich as Bloomberg, but, you know, we’ll take what we can get. With the majority of candidates releasing their 2012 tax returns to the public today (none of which clocked in at less than 100k), we can now scrutinize away. Whether you use this information to form some nuanced opinions about the candidates’ priorities, or just to imagine what you’d buy with all that money is up to you.


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