The Best Brooklyn Restaurants For Every Stage of Your Kid’s Life

Maybe we should leave the house.

  • “Maybe we should leave the house.”

Kids, these days, huh! You gotta love feed ’em. I’m pretty sure that’s in the contract you sign by bringing them into the world. Often, this can be dealt with easily, with a simple home-cooked meal or one of those ziploc baggies of Cheerios I see every single parent carrying with them at all times. But other times, for so many reasons, you want to go out! Cooking takes time, and anyway, we live in one of the food capitals of the world.

It gets tricky when kids are in the equation, though, for endless reasons parents (or even casual observers of human behavior) already know. Just because you like a restaurant doesn’t mean you and your children will have a good time there. Hence, we’ve put together places we know to be not just reliable, but perfect, for all the different scenarios in which you and your children will be dining out. Eat up.


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