How to Get Your Friends with Kids to Hang Out With You

Exhausted parents sleeping

I don’t have any kids, but more and more my friends are starting to, and more and more I see those people less—they never show up to my band’s gig at midnight on a Wednesday! What gives? What do I have to do to see you people again? So I reached out to a bunch of parents to ask for their dos and don’ts. “Sometimes I feel like people assume we can’t do anything at all, so we get invited out less,” my friend JJ, a new father, tells me. But he wants to hang out. “Parents do want to go out,” Brooklyn Magazine editor and mom Kristin Iversen says. “It’s hard, though, because of scheduling. So, as a childless person, just be understanding of that.” Otherwise you’ll end up not being friends anymore. “I’m assuming you’re talking about couples who have very young children,” Allison Robicelli told me, “as at this point my friends have learned to just completely write Matt and I off.” [photo]



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