10 Kid-Friendly Activities That Grown-Ups Will Also Love


  • c/o baldpunk.com

So, sometimes you have to do things with your kids. Sometimes you can’t pawn them off on a playdate and go out and do adult things by yourself. But that’s fine! That’s great. The whole reason you had kids was to spend time with them and raise them to be interesting and worthwhile people who can contribute to and learn from society in a meaningful way. And that’s all amazing. But also, sometimes you just don’t know what the hell to do with them. It needs to be something that they enjoy, sure, but it also needs to be something that won’t make you, as an adult, want to crawl out of your skin from boredom. And, maybe, this isn’t even your problem. Maybe you just love spending time with your kid, even if it’s at Chucky Cheese. So use this list for the other adults in your life. Adults who have no choice if they want to do things with you, than to also do things with your kids. And you don’t want these adults to crawl out of their skin with boredom. So do these things for them. Do these things for all of us. Even the kids, those spoiled little fuckers.


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