The Worst Politician In Brooklyn Is Getting A Reality Show


From a safe distance, this seems like a good idea. Brooklyn D.A. is a great name for a reality show. Possibly even a legal drama with a lot of steamy butt shots? New York needs another one of those. And anyway, when District Attorney Charles Hynes actually does his job (as opposed to filming a reality show while on the campaign trail), vehicular murderers avoid conviction, accused pedophiles dodge scrutiny, a lot of well-documented shitty things tend to happen. Even so, people are kind of pissed about this.

Namely, Hynes’ primary opponents, former Manhattan prosecutor Abe George and former federal prosecutor Kenneth Thompson, who aren’t too happy about all the extra airtime Hynes will be getting around election time. “Charles Hynes doesn’t want to be a D.A. He just wants to play one on TV,” said George in response to the news. Burrrrrn! Thompson added to the pile, telling the Daily News that if Hynes “spent less time worrying about getting on TV and more about his job, Brooklyn wouldn’t have the lowest felony conviction rate in the city.” Mee-owwww!

And, I mean, this isn’t to say those are unfair points. Not at all. But on the flip side, with a couple months left until the mini-series’ May 21st premiere on CBS, Hynes already seems to have all the right moves for a burgeoning reality star. Through a rep — he’s above this petty in-fighting, doing his job, you know — Hynes took a classic, cryptic, high-road swipe at George and Thompson, saying, “Jealousy is not a positive for political figures.” Hmm. Maybe someone should organize a luncheon or charity fashion show so we can all “clear the air?”

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