The Best and Worst of Brooklyn Bar Bathrooms

This would be bad, if this happened in real life and not in a movie.

  • This would be bad, if this happened in real life and not in a movie.

The Daily News published a list of the most disgusting bar bathrooms in New York City and guess what, Brooklyn? Five of them are right here! In the county of Kings. Yes! That’s right. Brooklyn bars have a lot of gross bathrooms. But you already knew that, right? Because you have been to a bar bathroom in Brooklyn before. I mean, it’s hard to disagree with a single one of the News’ choices. Putting all the toilet paper in the world on the seats couldn’t protect your ass from the super-strain gonorrhea which has made its home in the cracks of those porcelain thrones.

The News put together its list based off photos from the truly amazing tumblr “Toilets of New York” which doesn’t judge bathrooms, but rather presents them without comment. There is something really elegant about doing it that way, just allowing the toilet to speak for itself. Because, really, if any inanimate object has something important to say, it’s probably a toilet in a Bushwick bar bathroom.

But so anyway, we have come up with our own list of bar bathrooms. Some of the worst, and some of the best. And we comment on them. Because we are not elegant, though sometimes we try. Just, I guess, not hard enough. Now, this list is not totally comprehensive, and it is entirely subjective, but it is a list that we believe in, as much as we believe in anything.