The 8 Best Matzo Ball Soups in Brooklyn


As if going up against the juggernaut of Christmas wasn’t bad enough, the Jewish holiday of Passover always pales in comparison to Easter. While little Christian children get to search for colorful baskets of chocolate eggs and sugar-dusted marshmallow peeps, we have to fight to the death over the Afikomen — a dry sleeve of matzo covered in a cloth napkin. And while the Easter feast includes lamb, ham, and that fantastically junky string bean casserole concoction topped with pop-top onion crisps, we dine on quivering jellied fish lozenges culled from a jar.

But then, there’s matzo ball soup.

It may not sound great on paper — spongy dumplings made from eggs, water, matzo meal and chicken fat. But for good little Jewish boys and girls, nothing says grandma like this Passover treat. Debate rages eternal over whether the ideal matzo ball is a sinker (substantial and dense) or a floater (light and fluffy), but personal preference generally comes down to whatever way your bubby made them (sinkers all the way!).

So what better way to track grandma’s influence this holiday season than with a matzo ball crawl all throughout Brooklyn? Whether you go for purely traditional, or with a little modern edge, these area restaurants are serving up the goods. And you don’t even need to have a Jewish grandma to appreciate them.


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