Should We Care About “Brooklyn” Bottled Water?


I mean, aside from the (obviously welcome) opportunity to make a bunch of “Where’s it come from, the Gowanus?!!” old man jokes (the water does not come from the Gowanus). And aside from the fact that in a perfect world we wouldn’t be drinking bottled water at all, because it’s terrible for the environment pretty much no matter what, and we live in a city noted for some of the highest quality tap water there is. All that aside, should we get behind Fred, a new “Brooklyn” bottled water company?

Well, they definitely want us to. Ad Age reported today that the company has partnered with trendy ad agency Made, whose executive said in earnest, “Fred is in a great position to disrupt the water category. While other brands are trying to turn water into a spiritual elixir or a culinary experience or ‘the right thing to do,’ Fred is two unassuming guys from Brooklyn with a very different take. Partnering with them is a chance to do something great.”

So far this groundbreaking work has manifested as “I’m Fred. Aquarius. Nice to meet you” updates on the company’s website, but that’s probably nowhere near as as preposterous as that Florida-sourced “Brooklyn water” that popped up a while back, and the flask-sized bottles are really pretty convenient. It’s probably not something that particularly needs or deserves notable local support, but, you know, I’m chugging seltzer out of a plastic bottle as I type this. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, etc. etc.

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