10 Restaurants You Should Visit For Dine In Brooklyn


We kind of have a love/hate relationship with Dine In Brooklyn, this year’s installment of which kicks off today. At its best, it’s an opportunity to eat out at some of the borough’s top restaurants for a fraction of the price ($20.13 for three courses at lunch, $28 for dinner). At its worst, however, you can actually see and taste the chef’s contempt for the entire proceedings — and by association, for you, the presumably cheapskate diner — on a plate. We still haven’t forgiven Blue Ribbon for our meal of steamed asparagus with bloodless winter tomatoes, cafeteria line catfish with mashed potatoes, and yawn-inducing scoop of vanilla ice cream. Really, Blue Ribbon? Really?

That’s why we’re helping you weed through the list of over 200 participants, to determine which restaurants actually offer real bang for your buck. But you better make those reservations soon.


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