The Hurricane Sandy Baby Boom Is Real


So, we all sort of made gentle jokes about it at the time, but according to the New York Post, a ton of people really did get pregnant during Hurricane Sandy (and its aftermath), leading to a roughly 30 percent spike in area pregnancies. This, the Post tells us, is the result of “randy Sandy high jinks.” Ew.

But really, this isn’t just the Post being weird and prurient like always. It’s legit! Jacque Moritz, the director of the division of gynecology at St. Luke’s explained, “In the past, there was a bump during 9/11, there have been bumps after blackouts and hurricanes, but Sandy went on for quite a while, and events that cause power outages really bring — how should I say this? — people closer together.”

Wink. Wink. Some local OB/GYN’s have seen up to a 30 percent uptick in births scheduled for late July or early August, and it may actually be more pronounced in the harder-hit tri-state area. “You will probably see a little rise in people who were unable to get their birth control, and other issues like that,” said Moritz. “This group will be known as Sandy babies and proud of it. [Parents] have no qualms on that.”

Or, the Post explained, without TV and internet, people “cuddled up and entertained themselves.” Well, thanks. This is actually just nice news, but you know, remind us never to talk to the New York Post about sex again. It never feels right.

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