RSVP for the Northside Festival’s NExT Trade Show! For Free!


We’re back!

Here at Brooklyn Magazine, we’re pleased to announce that NExT, the business-minded, tech-savvy portion of the Northside Festival, is returning to Williamsburg on June 13 and 14 for its second year of panel discussions and tech demonstrations. We’ve spent the last 12 months hard at work to connect you with the city’s established business leaders and upstart innovators, but before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s see what’s changed since last year, shall we?

What used to go by Northside Entrepreneurship is now going by the shorter and snappier NExT; that stands for Northside Entrepreneurship + Technology (and is much easier to say three times fast, should the mood ever strike you). But, wait, there’s more!

For the first time, NExT is bringing a free-to-the-public trade show to McCarren Park. Yes, you read that right. Free. As in, no admission fee and no badge necessary. Just click here to RSVP. On Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14 the Northside Festival will host some of the most truly exciting companies and start-ups from around the city like Windowfarms, VOXON, Hukkster. Plus, the NExT Trade Show will host special programming (details to come), a job fair to connect young engineers and executives to local tech opportunities, and hundreds of companies showcasing their solutions and innovations. You’ll find them on the corner of N. 12th St. and Bedford Ave. at McCarren Park (right next to the tennis courts) demonstrating their products and offering special deals to NExT Trade Show attendees. And, we mentioned it’s free, right? This way, everyone in New York City will have a chance to experience what’s (ahem) NExT.

To RSVP to the NExT trade show in McCarren Park for free, click here. And don’t worry; we’re still hosting panel discussions and tech demonstrations as part of NExT. You’ll need a badge to get into those, and luckily for you, badges go on sale Friday. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in exhibiting at the NExT trade show contact


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