Brooklyn Heights Plagued by Rat Break-Ins

Never forget.

  • Never forget.

Bushwick may have won the title of “most vocally rat-infested Brooklyn neighborhood” last month — insofar as anyone really “wins” in this kind of competition — but, not to be outdone, Brooklyn Heights has developed its own unique rat problem. Here, they’re breaking into cars.

“You could say that our calls pretty much doubled,” one neighborhood exterminator told the Brooklyn Paper about the neighborhood’s rat status in the aftermath of Sandy, and more specifically, an area mechanic has cited numerous cases of rat-infested cars.

“You turn off the motor, the motor’s warm, and it’s a nice comfy place to stay,” explained Edward Perl, a neighborhood resident who had the wiring on his Lexus chewed through recently. Apparently, “the foam lining around the engine cover had been shred to make a telltale nest,” also.

So, that is a disgusting thing to think about. Not as disgusting as having a rat accidentally scurry across your feet, or accidentally stepping on one, or finding one in your actual home, but anyway, rats. Rats are in the news today. It’s horrible.

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