Rich People Have Spoken, Bushwick is Now “Cool”


Just in case you weren’t sure where, exactly, to jam your finger on the real estate pulse, the New York Times has things covered. Now, even Christine Bean and Kirk Wilson, people with (presumably) well-paying, cool-sounding jobs — general manager of the Bowery Hotel, and assistant costume designer for Smash respectively — have been forced out of Manhattan, and decided hey, if you can find a nice deal on a $489,000 condo, Bushwick’s not so bad.

“It seemed raw,” Bean explained to the Times last week of her initial qualms with the area. “A hipster place that adults wouldn’t be interested in.” An easy statement to mock, sure, but not a totally unreasonable thing for a person who has never been to the neighborhood (and has no compelling reason to) to say. Not so much a person who shortly thereafter drops nearly half a million dollars on a condo in the area, but live and let live, I guess. If these people had a “Victorian mansion” rented for $1,450 per month before they left L.A., clearly they’re doing something right that I am not.

Anyway, this story seems to have a happy ending. “We had no idea how cool Bushwick was,” Bean enthused. “We didn’t know how much it had to offer. It is changing every single day.” An understatement if ever there was.

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