The Sex and the City Tour Bus Company Plans One For Girls


Because Girls is definitely, unassailably and without any qualifications, a Sex and the City for millenials (I’m so, so sorry), there may soon be a bus tour of the show’s locations. The same company that charges $46 per person to haul tourists around on bus pilgrimages to notable dessert shops is reportedly in the “very beginning stages” of developing a Girls-centered version of the tour, the majority of which would presumably take place in Brooklyn.

But where will the tour go, you ask? Well, besides obvious stand-outs like Greenpoint’s Café Grumpy and any random corner in Bushwick, the Guardian suggests more generally “rustic cafes and mimsy cupcake shops.” Mimsy indeed.

Anyway, executives still have to determine whether or not a show that to date has only aired eleven 30-minute episodes has even used enough locations to be worthwhile, and, more to the point, if there’s actually enough a fan base for the whole thing to be lucrative. Somehow I have a feeling they’ll find an excuse to make it work. In the meantime, there’s always Henry Stewart’s guide to shooting locations, or a visit to your own, sloppily-decorated bedroom. Same thing, $46 cheaper.

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