ACME Studio Sets the Brooklyn Scene

Brian Colgan, the studio manager at ACME, describes what they do like this: “We’re part prop house, part photo studio with cyc, and part design and fabrication shop. We can design and build your set, prop it out with items from our eclectic collection, and host the photo shoot in-house.” So, basically, they do it all.

Located on N. 3rd Street in Williamsburg, ACME Studio has designed and styled sets on photo shoots for subjects ranging from Tina Fey to Janelle Monae. ACME Studio owner Shawn Patrick Anderson tells us, “I’ve been a prop stylist and set designer for about thirteen years, so I’m constantly collecting new props and furniture. When I outgrew my old studio two years ago, I decided to find a bigger space that could host photo shoots as well as hold all the cool stuff we collect, all under one roof.”

So, what if David Cross is going to be on the cover of your magazine [this magazine, actually] and you want him riding a ceramic tiger? Colgan tells us, “We work with a large group of artists with different specialties, so whether you need us to build a life-size ice cave or construct a fake birthday cake in the shape of Wendy Williams’s head—two things we’ve done in the last few months—we have the person who can do that.” And you just never know when you might need a birthday cake in the shape of Wendy Williams’s head.

63 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg

Photo Matt Feddersen



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