Barcade is Heading To Manhattan


After holding down the fort in Williamsburg for nearly a decade, Barcade is reportedly looking to expand its horizons into Manhattan. Which is basically fine, since they’ll still be making Pac Man and rare, fancy beer available at their original Brooklyn location, and they already have other locations in Jersey City and Philly, but still. This feels sort of seminal! Or it will, assuming the bar’s application is actually approved.

According to DNAinfo, owners are looking to open a new branch in a 4,000 square foot property on 24th St. in Chelsea, and are scheduled to request permits from Community Board 4.

So, congratulations are probably in order, and it’s pretty much a guarantee that craft beer and video games won’t be a tough sell with the bar-going crowd in Chelsea. Just, I guess, don’t forget about us? Let’s promise to still be best friends when we come back from Christmas break, okay?

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