Reminder: The Red Hook Winery Needs Saving


The Red Hook Winery posted an update on their recovery status that can make a wino tear up: “The 11+ day power outage has our current vintage suffering. A few days ago, we were standing in the worst “blend” ever from both bottle and barrel—3 vintages, 3 inches deep covering the floor.”

The winery goes on to thank their supporters for all of their love and generosity and assistance post-Sandy. But how can you really help? By buying their wine, of course! “If you want to see the Red Hook Winery thrive and the growers that she supports… we ask that you buy, toast & drink the remaining fruits of our labor. By doing this you will enable us to rebuild, becoming a part of our future by drinking our past.”

Visit their website to see what wines are available—and don’t worry, the bottles were stored at a distributor’s warehouse, not on site, so you don’t have to worry about getting a little flood water with your Merlot—and then place an order by email or telephone. So what are you waiting for?


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