Oprah Is Quietly Launching An Organic Food Empire (We Think)


  • George Burns/Harpo

As it was foretold, and as it must be, Oprah appears to be laying the groundwork for her very own empire in the organic food market, Grub Street reports.

Winfrey is reportedly putting together a line of “organic salad dressings and frozen vegetables, soups, beverages, and snack dips,” while also filing patent and trademark applications for the names “Oprah’s Organics,” “Oprah’s Farm,” and “Oprah’s Harvest.” While her company claims the trademarks are solely for produce she plans to grow and distribute near her Maui home, everyone who has heard of capitalism or Oprah or the foodie trend or turned on a TV in the past 20 years is assuming that this is the beginning of something much, much larger.

An anonymous source back in January was quoted as saying, “Oprah’s in for the long haul to make OWN a success. But if it doesn’t work out she’s ready to slap on the overalls and start a new life as a farmer in Hawaii.”

While Paul Newman quietly turns in his grave and liquidates assets, we have to wonder when Oprah will take the obvious next step of hitching her “organics” line to the Brooklyn food movement’s literal, hand-made wagon. And, perhaps more importantly, which of our star chefs will take their seat at the table as her locally-minded incarnation of Dr. Oz. I would submit the telegenic, Sussman brothers given their focus on “real-life” food (was there ever a phrase more perfectly ready to be co-opted by Oprah?), but for further thoughts or consultation, HARPO executives are welcome to reach out and start writing checks. I await offers.

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