6 Brooklyn Candy Stores You Should Visit This Weekend


We don’t really need to explain why we’re talking about candy right now. ‘Tis the enamel-destroying season! And, of course, candy isn’t that hard to come by — you can get everything you need for trick-or-treaters, parties, or a quiet stay-at-home sugar bender in a single, joyless trip to Duane Reade. But is that really how you want to do things? Of course not. You deserve nothing but the best, and that means giant tubes of color-coded candy, halloween decorations, and obscure, gumby-shaped haribo. Hell, maybe even an egg cream! Or a snocone! Let’s do this.


  1. “If you’re sick of day-glo sour worms and any candy whose name you can actually pronounce…”

    Very funny. 🙂


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