The 7 Best Horror Movies Set in New York City

Step away from the peephole!

  • Step away from the peephole!

It’s that time of year again, when we all want nothing more than to get a good scare and hide under the covers, sure that if we let nothing more than the whites of our eyes show, they won’t be able to get us. Who are “they”? I don’t know! But “they” are everywhere and “they” are scary! And doesn’t everyone want to be scared? So that we can all know we’re ALIVE? Yes!

But isn’t part of the pleasure of being scared related to how realistic those frights actually are? And one of the problems with horror movies is that they frequently take place in some abandoned house on a hill in some remote location. Or they take place in the woods. Or some creepy Californian suburb. All of these places are terrifying and everything, but the doom feels so much less imminent when it happens far from home.

And I don’t know about you, but I like my doom to feel imminent. I like to feel my doom breathing down the back of my neck so that all my hairs stand on end and I lock all the doors in my apartment and cower in the corner, waiting for the sun to come up. And if you’re the same, you’ll appreciate this round-up of horror movies that take place here, right in our very own city.


  1. Jason Takes Manhattan is one of the best FRIDAY THE 13TH movies.
    Also, THE CHANGELING opens in NYC and features a great shot of George C. Scott crossing the Lincoln Center campus before he moves upstate.

  2. Rosemary’s Baby is one of the classics I haven’t seen yet, I know that is sacrilege among my fellow horror lovers, but this year I’m adding it to the list. I’ve also decided to include The Devil’s Advocate because I love Al Pacino as the devil, but it’s also a great movie. I must say that I read American Psycho before I saw the film, and the book is incomparable, but Christian Bale took the movie to a whole new level; total party pleaser. In fact, I’m hosting a Halloween party and inviting some coworkers of mine from DISH over for a horror flick bash, which should be amazing. I’ve considered buying these movies, which would be great, but that’s too expensive. So, instead I’ve decided to rent them among others from Blockbuster @Home saving me a lot of money that I need for snacks, drinks and other stuff. This is going to be an awesome Halloween, especially since we’ll definitely be watching some wicked horror flicks; thanks again.

  3. henry stewart, apologies for posting this in someone else’s spot but there was no email for you. although this post is two years later than your article, i just came across your article on Breezy Point and could not help but find it very interesting. i am black and near 70 years old and when friends of mine [also near or above this age] called to see how we were doing as a result of hurricane sandy, they all seemed to have heard of the tragedy that had befallen breezy point and they all related this to me. the funniest thing [funny peculiar and not funny ha ha] was that each and every single one of them, although expressing sorrow, used the word “racist” to describe this town over and over again which sort of surprised me. i would have thought that one always speaks well of those in trouble but racism from the past must have hurt them very badly judging from their responses.


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