New Map Shows Neighborhood Gentrification Based On Noise Complaint Frequency

A handy visual map now exists to indicate what rent prices, common sense, and anecdotal evidence have all proven to be true: most neighborhoods in Manhattan, along with ultra-pricey DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights are just a touch fancier, more refined than where the rest of us live.

Specifically, we know this because of the nature of 311 complaints called in.

Using a full two years of call-in data, Deitmar Offenhuber color coded Manhattan and Brooklyn by frequency of complaints regarding noise, graffiti, and litter. The consensus, basically, is that if you’re willing rattle cages about loud people in one of the loudest cities in the world, your neighborhood is generally pretty free from other urban blights.

This information isn’t too groundbreaking or new, but still, the map took a lot of work and does look very, very cool. Maybe we all learned something here today!

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