How To Bring Your Kid To a Bar and Not Be A Jerk About It


  • Pearl Gabel/New York Daily News

Last week, Greenwood Park, a local staple for the Greenwood Heights crowd, caused a Very Brooklyn Controversy with a new rule barring parents from bringing kids into the bar past 4 p.m. Local teachers don’t want to see their students in the only neighborhood bar, local parents don’t see what the big deal is, etc. etc.

This is just another in a long string of conflicts over the past few years between parents who don’t want to be exiled from the bar scene for having kids, and everyone else, who generally would rather not do their drinking around small children. In the interest of staying diplomatic here, we figured we’d take the high road and focus on — what else? — etiquette. After all, if you’re going to bring a kid along when you grab a beer, there are ways to do it without making servers and other patrons, not to mention your kids, miserable.

Mining the experience of bartenders, parents, and teachers, a few things to consider before toting your baby with you to the local bar, along with a few spots in Brooklyn we hear are more friendly to the underaged set.


  1. From this post I gather that a lot of Brooklyn parents are overpaid, narcissistic, pleasure-seeking, borderline alcoholics who’d rather risk being a bad influence on their impressionable toddlers than giving up a momentary pleasure for a lifetime of satisfaction in knowing that you “did right” by your child. Thank goodness I don’t live here.

  2. This might be coming from my European roots where kids and families are seen out and about at pubs and beer gardens, festivals and events all the time (and out into the wee hours of the mornings in Spain and Italy), but seriously, Americans need to lighten up and stop being so behind the times. You see, bringing children into adult environments teaches them how to behave properly in public (clearly not recommending a pisser by any means), but I often bring my child to pubs/art openings/galleries/music events and housewarmings. I have a perfectly articulate, well-rounded and brilliant child because of it, who’s keen on the arts, music, culture and can have some pretty fantastic conversations with adults because of it. Stop being so square, kids. However, if parents bring they’re kids out, be sure they behaved not annoying/screaming monsters because that’s annoying to anyone.


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