Patrick Stewart Tweets That He’s Abandonned Time Warner Cable

Heres Patrick Stewart, contemplating the new frontier of satellite TV

  • Here’s Patrick Stewart, contemplating the new frontier of satellite TV

Sir Patrick Stewart is going into space. Not as intrepid Captain Jean Luc Picard, but as intrepid Sir Patrick Stewart, annoyed former Time Warner Cable customer. It was just last week that Park Slope’s favorite knight tweeted his dissatisfaction with the interminable amount of time he endured while Time Warner kept him waiting. Many of us would have just thrown our hands up and gone with Time Warner Cable anyway. Because it’s so much work to lift ourselves out of the stagnancy we succumb to when there’s a virtual monopoly on provided services like cable.

But that’s why most of us aren’t knights!

Sir Patrick went back on twitter to announce his decision to switch to satellite TV, boldly venturing into space, where he has in fact been before. As a fictional character, BUT STILL.


Time Warner Cable is, understandably, desolate at this news, and they replied to his tweet by saying:


Well, ok, no. I should probably leave Katy Perry out of this. In fact, the New York Post reports that Time Warner issued a statement from spokesman Bobby Amirshahi, saying, “We’re sorry that he had a bad experience and we wish him the best.”

That’s right Time Warner Cable, keep it together. Play it cool. I can’t even imagine how horrible it must feel like to be so close to giving service to Sir Patrick Stewart, only to have him slip through your fingers. Pure agony, I’d imagine.

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