Patrick Stewart Has A Twitter War with Corporate Magneto, Time Warner Cable

Why does Patrick Stewart even need Time Warner Cable? Hes Professor X! He can read minds. Surely thats better than DVRing that new Mindy Kaling show.

  • Why does Patrick Stewart even need Time Warner Cable? He’s Professor X! He can read minds. Surely that’s better than DVRing that new Mindy Kaling show.

There are certain things that make you a true New Yorker. Living in New York, for one. Hanging out in Roberta’s back yard area and thinking that you see a cat climbing up the stairs, only to realize that it’s a rat. A big fat rat. Actually all stories involving rats add to your street cred. Thinking that it’s raining only to realize those drops are from the air conditioners perilously perched from windows dozens of stories above your head. And hating Time Warner Cable with every fiber of your being, knowing that it is a necessary evil, but hating it all the same.

What I’m trying to say is—Welcome to Brooklyn, Patrick Stewart! Yes, Time Warner Cable is pretty awful, but we have other nice stuff!

The New York Observer reported on the tweet war between Patrick Stewart and Time Warner Cable and, well, it was amazing. The Observer speculates that Stewart did not move into a building “equipped with Verizon Fios, because the actor has signed up for that dreaded, monstrous monopoly Time Warner Cable, notorious for having fewer stars on Yelp than cannibal murderer Jeffrey Dahmer.” And really? That is the only reason to go with TWC. Although I will say that the guy who did the installation of my cable when I moved into my new apartment a little while ago also helped me tune my guitar. Which was nice, I guess, but NOT ENOUGH.

Anyway, below is the twitter conversation in its entirety. It’s pretty grim to know that even a major celebrity and all-around awesome person like Sir Patrick Stewart has to deal with the buffoons at TWC, but that’s life as a New Yorker. Sir Patrick, consider your cherry popped!


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  1. Honestly, who can’t set up an account with the cable company? Perhaps Sir Pat should consider having an assistant handle such things in the future. A normal human being who’s poo smells.


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