The 10 Best Take-Out Spots in Brooklyn


It’s officially time to buckle down and get back to work, and that means fewer and fewer backyard parties, drinking marathons, and leisurely dinners out. But it doesn’t mean that you need to resign yourself to a year’s worth of flaccid pizzas, insipid sandwiches, and skeevy Chinese takeouts rated C by the DOH — the goods at these terrific neighborhood eateries are ideal for eating on the fly.


  1. Apparently the best take-out/delivery in Williamsburg and Greenpoint is Anytime. Or rather, apparently you folks have not been doing it right. If you are gonna go for something of that ilk (as opposed to the myriad other options) you could have at least plumped for BAD Burger.

  2. Sillies. EVERY restaurant in my Boerum Hill neighborhood does takeout and most deliver. So who has the best takeout? Whoever has the best FOOD. Were you only counting places that have a walkup order counter? Most restaurants will gladly let you hang at the bar if you’re so cellphone/internet deprived that you can’t call ahead to place your order.


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