David Gensler’s Mad, Beautiful Vision of Local Manufacturing

David Gensler is a serious guy. The founder of the Keystone Design Union (whose mission is to “locate, unite and utilize the world’s top creative talents and innovators”), he’s also behind one of our favorite Brooklyn fashion initiatives, Serum vs. Venom, which, as he tells us, “focuses on disrupting institutionalized fashion.” So what exactly does that mean? “We started a factory called Brooklyn Sewn, based in Williamsburg, which swelled in size and began to take on many other local designers and brands,” Gensler tells us. “It was an experiment to see how local manufacturing could accelerate the delivery of goods to our local market and help us maintain rarity through small numbers. It is essential to maintain a close connection with your manufacturing—how else can you efficiently control quality and vision?” And it worked. With the success of Brooklyn Sewn—both as brand and process—Gensler is looking to move forward with SVSV, “making small batches of unique objects based around highly specialized craft studios and collaborations with local artisans.” Up next is a collaboration with Brooklyn-based Daisy and Elizabeth, who specialize in swimwear and lingerie. Yes please.


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