Show About Brooklyn Hipsters Coming to a TV Near You


You know what’s funny? Hipsters. Also funny? Making fun of hipsters. Especially if those hipsters live in Brooklyn. Don’t you wish someone would make a TV show about it?

Yeah! There’s absolutely no way that this show won’t be a total and complete success, right?


Deadline reports that Jimmy Fallon’s production company, Holiday Road, has sold an as-yet-unnamed sitcom to NBC, The Untitled Hipster Project, “which centers on a decidedly un-hip anthropology student finds himself living with — and studying — the wild, untamed hipsters of Brooklyn, New York.”

So basically, this is going to be a show where there will be a lot of poking fun at, ohidon’tknow, artisanal green bean pickling and bike-riding and urban farming? Cool! Those are targets that absolutely nobody ever, ever aims for these days. It’s so fun and ORIGINAL to mock all of these silly people in Brooklyn with their facial hair and desire to eat locally. And also? It’s so easy!

Did I say easy? I kind of meant lazy. Same difference!

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  1. Ugh. There was HBO’s “hipster-Brooklyn centric shows”: Flight of the Concords, How to Make it in America, & Bored to Death. All gone & I least identify with Girls, but still watch.
    Then there was MTV’s “I just want my pants back”.
    I just hope & Jimmy Fallon’s show will be more authentic that Two Broke Girls.

  2. When will this fad just die already? Of my 20 years in NYC, I never remember a fad lasting so long. And such a terrible obnoxious fad at that. Just ruined my beloved city.


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