Williamsburg Experiencing A Minor Crime Wave


Could big city crime slowly be making its way into gentle, idyllic, no-need-to-lock-your-doors-at-night Brooklyn?

It very well just might be.

DNAinfo reports that this summer has brought a rash of burglaries within a five block radius on Grand Street in Williamsburg, mostly affecting local businesses.

Reportedly, Haab Mexican, Blue Angel Wines, and O-T Real Estate — all neighboring businesses — were each broken into on the same night back in June. LP & Harmony, Lady Jay’s bar, Mahzen Grill, and Los Primos have all been hit, too. At Haab, burglars took $1,000 from the cash register as well as an iPod. They tried and failed, however, to take the restaurant’s TV’s.

“It’s concerning,” said the commanding officer of the local precinct. “They forced entry though the rear windows and doors… took money, food, cigarettes, liquor, electronics. No arrests have been made, but we’ve been paying close attention.”

Police note that the work doesn’t seem “professional,” and locals suspect “a stupid kid.”

Regardless, the end of a beautiful, serene era has come.

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