Mormon Missionaries Have Discovered Williamsburg


  • DNAinfo

Against all odds (and likely a lot of neighbors’ wishes), DNAinfo reports that Mormon missionaries have recently ramped up outreach around the Bedford L stop, and the results are, shall we say, inconclusive thus far.

These particular missionaries are actually coming from a church location nearby the Marcy stop, and have simply redistributed their numbers to place more missionaries in trendy, crowded, hedonistic Williamsburg, where the area’s mission president says they’ve “noticed the community feel.”

Along with the original DNAinfo article is excruciating video of some bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young Mormons singing and attempting to draw in pedestrians on Bedford, who all take it about as well as you’d think they would.

But no harm done! As 20-year-old missionary Dallin McEwen explains, “Even if one person says ‘yes’ and the rest say ‘no I feel happy […] No matter how people respond to me I know I’m doing what the Lord wants me to do.”

Well, I guess having Jesus and Mitt Romney on your side would be a pretty good confidence booster.


  1. This article is so lazy. It is one thing to write about nothing as you are doing but where is the style, content or perspective.

    You should seriously consider another calling (Butcher, baker, candle stick….), or simply have me do your assignments as this is tawdry.

    Fred Banks


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