Inside America’s Roaming Photo Booth: The Bosco’s 10 Best Pictures


Since launching in December 2011, The Bosco’s interactive photo booth has become wildly successful for events around the city (and around the country — they recently set up camp with an “aura” defining booth at Pitchfork in Chicago, and at the red carpet for VH1’s Do Something Awards in LA). And it makes sense: does anyone love anything more than photo booth pictures, and more specifically, flattering photos of themselves at parties?

Yes, it turns out. What they really love are pictures of themselves turned into .gifs, 3D, and video. Which is exactly what co-founders Aaron Fisher-Cohen (above, right) and Nick Fehr (left) were betting on when they first came up with the idea for their interactive booths.

“People love photos of themselves, and having a physical print is still a novelty,” says Fehr, who had tinkered around with his own photo booth project in college. “Your iPhone doesn’t print, your laptop doesn’t print. The physical aspect is still very different from what you can experience on a daily basis.”

Fisher adds, “They’re also nostalgic — yet we’re making products that combine the nostalgia and history with new technology. Attempting to push the boundaries with projects really makes it fun.


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