Smorgasburg And Brooklyn Flea Just Got More Bike-Friendly


  • Friends of East River State Park

Here’s some quick-take good news: the 7th street State Park entrance, i.e. the Brooklyn Smorgasburg and Flea location, is about to get a lot more space for all you bike-and-food-and-thrifting enthusiasts.

Jackie Meyer, who co-chairs Friends of East River State Park, announced that Brooklyn Flea’s Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler donated the two new large wave racks, saying, “the Park has a long needs list, and hopes this community effort and goodwill will be contagious.”

Aww, how nice! What a great week for parks!

Let’s all spend the next five minutes feeling warm and civic-minded and fuzzy, then go back to complaining about everything and everyone we encounter.


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