Beastie Boy Mike D Designed Brooklyn-Themed Wallpaper


File under “things you never knew you needed but now have to go out and buy in bulk immediately:” Mike D of the Beastie Boys has collaborated with Revolver New York to design some seriously cool Brooklyn-themed wallpaper, pictured above.

According to Revolver, “the vision was to pay tribute to all things Brooklyn in a way that would appear to be French Country Toile, but when you step to it the pattern reveals elements and vignettes that make up the truth about Brooklyn.”

Mission accomplished, I’d say; this looks eerily like the wallpaper in my grandma’s dining room, until you notice Biggie’s head floating around. From that point on it’s a game of “spot the Brooklyn reference,” from stroller-wielding moms to groups of Hasidic Jews to, you know, the Brooklyn Bridge.

This gets bonus points as what I can only assume is a great conversation piece to have around if you’re ever hosting a party that takes a turn for the awkwardly silent. Good looking out, Mike.


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