Looking For a Job In This Crazy Economy? Do You Like Drawing and Needles?


Well, do you?

If so, the Wall Street Journal made a report from the front lines of the booming Williamsburg tattoo industry. People in Williamsburg like tattoos? Nice reporting, WSJ. New York Times, consider yourself SCOOPED!

In fairness to the Wall Street Journal, it’s not really that they’re discovering the existence of tattoo parlors in Williamsburg, the point is more that these businesses are thriving in what is otherwise—as we all well know—a pretty shitty economy.

The WSJ notes that even though tattoo artists have raised their prices—some of the artists interviewed for the article charge as much as $350/hour(!)—they are still booked for months in advance.

One tattoo artist, Gene Coffey from Tattoo Culture on Roebling Street, posits the theory that the tattoo industry is recession-proof. He says, “”It’s one of the businesses that thrives. Bars, tattoo shops and prostitution pretty much don’t take a dip during a recession.”

Bars, you say? Maybe someone should consider opening up some of those in Williamsburg. I’d bet that the New York Times would even report on it at some point within the next decade!

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