Put A Bar In It: The Many Brooklyn Businesses Now Serving Booze

Here’s something we bet you haven’t heard before: times is tough out there, in the faltering U.S. economy. Especially if you’re trying to run a small business. But you know what people will never, ever stop spending money on? Booze. Lots of it, at all hours of the day and in all situations.

So when Matthew Winn, the owner of Bushwick’s newly opened bookstore Molasses told the Daily News this week that the shop would soon also house a bar (it already includes a cafe), we were hardly surprised.

As Winn wisely puts it, “In the 21st century you might need to be more open to subsidizing the fetish of selling physical literature with other things.”

And it’s true! Even if you’re in a less endangered industry than the used books business, what better way to ensure a steady flow of patrons into your business than to — say it with us now — Put A Bar In It?

Let’s take a look at a few other Brooklyn businesses that have gotten on the “bar-slash” bandwagon, and a few others we think should take the hint.