50 Shades of Grey Brunch In Park Slope This Weekend


Because, why not? Isn’t this what synergy means? Isn’t this why the word synergy was even CREATED? So that one day a brunch in Park Slope could be held at a sex shop where gift bags inspired by the book 50 Shades of Grey will be handed out?

Isn’t it?

Brokelyn reports on the “50 Shades of Sex” workshop that Babeland is hosting this Sunday which, I guess, is hoping not only to ride the wave of the most popular book ever sold in the history of Amazon—the only important indicator of literary quality, as far as I’m concerned, really—but ALSO exploit all those 40-year-old “regressive” Amy Sohn-types who are just SO SEXUALLY FREEEEEEE.

So, if you like Ben Wa balls with your blueberry muffins, you might want to get your ass over to Babeland on Sunday and expand your mind.

And your ass.

Expanding your ass is key to a lot of this.

Or so I’ve heard.

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