In Greenpoint, a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

OMFG dude

  • OMFG dude

It’s not quite a Twix wrapped in prosciutto, but the Peter Pan Donut Shop on Manhattan Avenue is offering a special summertime desert, Greenpointers reports—an ice cream donut sandwich, in which your choice of holey pastry is halved, then filled with a scoop of Haagan Dazs. “The ice cream settled right into all the nooks and crannies of the donut and the flavors melded together perfectly,” the blog reports. “Was it a bit messy? Yes. Over the top? Of course! Do I want another one? You bet!”

In other donuts-and-frozen treats news: a bit farther south, in Gravesend, a soon-to-open outpost of the Yogurt City franchise will offer a frozen yogurt flavor called Maple Bacon Donut. “We thought, at first, maybe they’d be serving kosher frozen yogurt, as that part of Gravesend is densely populated by observant Jews,” Sheepshead Bites reports. But Maple Bacon Donut? Now “we think not.”

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