Amy Sohn Babysat Lincoln Restler?!


Park Slope novelist Amy Sohn wrote on Twitter Monday that she once babysat North Brooklyn district leader and G train-extension saver Lincoln Restler. “I think I babysat Lincoln once so I am claiming credit for his meteoric rise,” Sohn wrote. “I had no idea I had such an awesome babysitter,” Lincoln replied. “It explains a fair bit.” YOU GUYS!! BROOKLYN!!

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  1. Re: Mr. Restler:
    I must admit that I did not even know that Lincoln Restler’s position was unsalaried! That is, until I met Mr. Restler a few days ago, for the first time, and then checked the web. In the heat and humidity of a New York City summer, Lincoln was walking from house to house, from block to block, day after day- meeting the people of our / his Brooklyn community, and asking them about their concerns and problems. I was impressed – for I find this kind of genuine dedication, energetic interest, and hands-on effort rare among aspiring politicians. Mr. Restler has my support in the upcoming September 13th, 2012 election for Democratic State Committeeman (–which- for whatever reason, is on a Thursday, and not a Tuesday). I wish him well. Our community needs more like him. Our community is lucky to have him!
    p.s. I’d vote for Amy too 🙂


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