How to Set the Perfect Brooklyn Table

Dressing a table is like putting together a great wardrobe. Too much mismatched vintage china is about as charming as a closet full of ill-fitting thrift shop cocktail dresses. On the other end of the spectrum, using traditional, patterned 5-piece place settings can look as matchy-matchy as outfit in which one’s pumps match one’s purse, which matches the belt around one’s mom jeans, as the case may be.

Thankfully, Dumbo’s own McGarvey Robinson Design leads us to the middle ground, where stand-out contemporary pieces and harmoniously paired tableware leave those matchy (or completely mismatched) patterns in the cupboard. The local design duo, Mary Catherine McGarvey and Anna Robinson, start with classic, workhorse pieces and add personal style through earthy textures, crisp minimalism, and a bit of metallic bling. The result is elegant and effortlessly chic — the perfect setting for a springtime dinner party.


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