Tailored, Not Swift, In Brooklyn

While designing during the day for menswear brands, Daniel Lewis had been tailoring custom suits out of his apartment for years before he and his wife Brenna started Brooklyn Tailors last year. “The custom tailoring world, on the whole, is very much geared towards a traditional, conservative crowd in terms of the aesthetics, and a very narrow slice of the population in terms of the high price point,” Daniel tells us. “We wanted to make custom tailoring more accessible to a wider, more diverse audience.” They attract Gay Talese types who’ve sported tailored clothes for years, as well as teenagers getting their first custom garment. They serve musicians, artists and designers; legal, financial and business professionals. “Custom clothing isn’t about instant gratification and it’s not about brand-names or flash. It’s about a personal experience, and a process that yields something truly unique for that individual,” Daniel adds. “It’s finding exactly the right shoulder, combined with the perfect shade of gray, and just the right lapel—men’s tailoring is about the small things.”


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