Not So Urban Outfitters

Want to spend a weekend in the Catskills, but don’t own a tent or have a Zipcar membership? No problem: Williamsburg-based
Brooklyn Outfitters
organizes regular adventures to the Catskills and beyond, supplying the necessary gear for their outdoor excursions—even the ride. The company attracts a healthy mix of city transplants who want to reconnect with the outdoors and urban natives who’ve never pitched a tent before. “The transplants are always pleasantly surprised when they see the wild side of New York,” co-founder Stetson Hundgen tells us. “And the newbies are, well, newbies. They really tend to enjoy everything we throw their way. I love meeting beginners and watching them fall in love with the outdoors.” But isn’t leaving Brooklyn overrated? “Escaping the city to connect with nature is about exploration and rejuvenation,” he adds. “Oftentimes, I will come back and appreciate the city even more.”


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