Happy Presidential Election Year! Are You Actually Registered to Vote Where You Live?

Welcome back to work. It’s 2012—you know, a presidential election year! Jesus H. Christ, already. So in between your busy schedule of having tiresome, emotionally fraught conversations about whether or not the current administration’s vulnerability is entirely or only partly its own damn fault, please do ensure that your voter registration information is up-to-date. Do so now; shit sneaks up on you.

Also, if I may: resolve, in 2012, to become a more educated voter, and not one of those people who self-identifies as a liberal based on the fact that you love gawking in a can-you-believe-this-shit way at whatever some wingnut said at the Iowa state fair trail. Reading Nate Silver on the horse race and Roy Edroso on the far-right crazies, though fun, is not the same as understanding policy; being an adult means knowing at least as much about your own elected officials at the state and local level as about national-narrative stuff.


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