Overeat at the Chinese New Year’s Parade in Sunset Park

Brooklyn’s Chinatown too often takes a backseat to its more ballyhooed counterparts in Queens and Manhattan—but it shouldn’t. Even if you haven’t spent much time on the Eighth Avenue strip, the Chinese New Year Parade is as good a time as any to get to know your borough’s Little Beijing. This coming year (the Year of the Dragon!) the New Year falls on Monday, January 23rd, and though there’s no date yet announced for the parade, it will likely fall on the Sunday prior. Allow us to recommend the following spots along the route (between 50th and 60th streets) for stuffing your face with delicious (warming!) food.

Than Da II for any of their world-class banh mi.
(5624 Eighth Ave.)

Pacificana for classic dim sum.
(813 55th St.)

TA Brooklyn outpost of the iconic Flushing noodle house, the hand-pulled house specialty atLanzhou is amazing.
(5924 Eighth Ave.)

It’ll probably be pretty cold, so you’ll want to warm up with some noodle soup at Yun Nan Flavor Snack.
(774 49th St.)


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